Tax Resolution

Tax Resolution

Unresolved tax debts can warrant unwanted notices and complications from the IRS. Bean Hunt Harris & Company provides tax resolution services to business owners and individuals across Fresno County, helping clients find suitable solutions to their tax burdens. We help clients get through tough tax issues and in compliance with the IRS compliance, reducing or avoiding interest and penalties.

Upon receiving a Letter from the IRS, call our firm right away for a free consultation to find out how we can reach a suitable solution that fits perfectly with your needs.

Fresno County IRS Tax Solution

Clients that receive a letter from the IRS are often blindsided with debts they don’t think they can resolve. An IRS letter can be an easy fix or an ominous sign that the taxpayer owes money in back taxes. Often, clients are stressed with both this new information and actually finding a manageable plan to pay the obligation while maintaining a suitable standard of living. That’s where Bean Hunt Harris & Company can help.

David Harris, Alana Gabrielson, and Tom Hunt are dedicated to helping clients legally resolve their tax problems using ethical, trustworthy processes. Clients receive personalized services catered to their individual needs. We help acquire agreements like an offer in compromise for those eligible or a suitable payment plan that still allows the taxpayer to live comfortably within their budget.

We use state-of-the-art tax resolution software to make calculations and ensure we’ve left no stone unturned in legally deducting your payments. Our team ensures clients are always on time to avoid penalties. Electronic filing makes it easy to review client information to make changes or review tax filings.

What Happens if I Fail to Resolve Tax Debts?

Owing the IRS can be a difficult and trying time for individuals and business owners. The IRS is unforgiving, which makes it very important to address tax debts immediately. The IRS has the power to seize property and capital directly from a professional’s wages or bank account. Clients who fail to pay down their tax debts before their allotted deadline risk bank levies, wage garnishments, and other penalties that can leave them in a much worse state. Addressing tax debts as soon as possible ensures clients pay the minimum amount and avoid untimely interest.

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It is our pleasure to help clients get out of tax debt and achieve a suitable payment plan. Schedule a free consultation with David Harris, Alana Gabrielson, and Tom Hunt if you need tax resolution services in Fresno. Bean Hunt Harris & Company is here for you!

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