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Whether you’re looking to add a partner, take on additional investors, or sell your business for the right price, Bean Hunt Harris & Company can provide an accurate, up-to-date overview of your company’s financial status. We offer business valuation services in Fresno for nearby Fresno County businesses.

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Determining the value of your businesses cannot be performed by the business owner; it requires an outside perspective from an unbiased expert. That’s where Bean Hunt Harris & Company provides expert assistance.

Our valuation partner, Tom Hunt, visits your business site to deliver our professional analysis and advisory services. We first discuss your goals as well as any details that may influence the final price before gathering the information needed to conduct a thorough valuation. We provide one-on-one service to ensure our clients receive a comprehensive and personalized assessment of their company.

A Professional Approach to Your Company Valuation

We look at your raw business information before reviewing current balance sheets and weighing your business against the state of the economy. This overview gives us an asset-based summary that details your business’s cash flow and liabilities. We’ll find out the cost it would take to build a company identical to your own from the ground up.

Our team at Bean Hunt Harris & Company takes into consideration other businesses operating in a similar field. We look into successfully sold companies as well as those steadily maintaining their earnings to gain a sense of how your business compares. This market valuation allows us to provide you with a going rate for your business and make sure you’re not sold short.

We’ll also look into future earnings of your business and determine its five to ten-year potential. This projection incentivizes potential investors or buyers with future profits of the company.

While one method could provide a small snapshot of your business, approaching valuations from multiple angles determines an accurate overview of your business. This presents an accurate representation of your company’s finance and future finances for you as well as investors and potential buyers.

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At Bean Hunt Harris & Company, we are experts in taxation and finance documentation and management. For business valuation services near Fresno or across Fresno County, schedule a consultation with our team. We’ll get you’re the most accurate representation of your business!

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