Receiving a notice from the IRS can prove to be difficult. However, gaining an unbiased opinion on your business or personal finances by undergoing an independent review can protect your earnings and prevent unwanted action by the IRS.

The team at Bean Hunt Harris & Company provides expert audit assistance for business owners and individuals near Fresno and the surrounding communities. Call our firm for a free consultation.

Legitimize Your Financial Documents

Audits are an examination of a business entity or individual’s financial records, checking to make sure no fraudulent activity is present nor mistakes with filing. While investigations prompted by the IRS have a negative connotation, a proactive audit can be a great benefit. The purpose of a review is to provide authenticity for a business’s financial endeavors as well as double check their books to detect any inconsistencies in the documentation. An audit can protect a company or independent professional from having penalties levied on their assets by the IRS.

Bean Hunt Harris & Company is experienced in providing audit assistance for business owners across several industries, including healthcare, farming and agriculture, and non-profit organizations. We are also experienced in conducting audits for retirement plans, such as pension plans and company-supplied 401(k) plans. Each area requires expertise

Protect Your Assets

An audit from the IRS could lead to several penalties as well as unexpected costs businesses may find difficult to face. Additionally, it can take up valuable time owners could use on improving your business operations.

When you enlist our services, our valuation and auditing partner, Tom Hunt, visits your place of operation and performs an initial evaluation of your business’s financial history. Our team consolidates your audit information and provides a detailed analysis.

Our team guides you through understanding your audit information, committing any changes that will ensure compliance, and improving efficiency in your financial processes. We give you the information you need to file your taxes correctly and operate your business without fear of the IRS.

Audits can take anywhere from a week up to 60 days, depending on the size of historical financial documents to be reviewed. Bean Hunt Harris & Company also provides reviews or compilations as separate financial management services.

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As your auditors, our most important duty is protecting your company against the consequences of misfiling returns and inconsistent reporting, giving you greater confidence in your business operations. Stay proactive against an audit from the IRS by calling Bean Hunt Harris & Company and scheduling a free consultation in Fresno.

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